Visitup Bologna is the free tourist guide of Bologna.

Our goal is to allow you to visit the city of Bologna in complete autonomy, according to your needs and the time you have.

All the material for the visit is offered by Visitup Bologna and is completely free.

This consists of maps, audio-guides, articles, insights and tips to get the most out of the city.




We thought of two possible tours of Bologna:

  1. Classic Tour . You can choose between the classic tour for day one, the classic tour for day two and the classic tour for day three. Each of the three days has the map and the individual points of interest to visit; clicking on the link of the point of interest from the list at the bottom of the page you will have access to the audio guide and further details of each single point of interest.
  2. Aperitif Tour. You can choose from four areas for the aperitif tour, all concentrated in the historic center. For each one you will have our tips to choose the best one for you.

We will make you visit Bologna with the advice of those who live the city every day, and therefore also beyond the usual tourist routes.


You will also have two chats to help you make your choices:

  1. Chat on the homepage. To direct you to the right pages of the site without wasting time.
  2. Chat of the Visitup Bologna Facebook page. Here we show the cultural events in the city for the weekend. So concerts, exhibitions, shows and much more. To activate the chat, go to the Facebook page and click on Send Message. You will be transferred to Facebook Messenger and you will be able to discover the most important cultural events for the weekend.

Both chats are automatic.

If you want other information and advice instead, feel free to contact us.