Via del Pratello is a lively popular district, bohemian and well-known for its intense nightlife. The road, which for many is a distinct village within the city of Bologna, is crowded with bars frequented by alternative people of all ages.

The Pratello area, for the aperitif, begins to liven up every day from the 6pm onwards and all the bars and pubs fill up with people quite quickly until late at night. Recommended for both aperitifs and after-dinner drinks. Ah .. if it’s a nice day go to Piazza San Francescoother bars and nice people!

No fear … here is a list below..


1. Mutenye

mutenye pub Pratello Aperitif Bologna

The Mutenye is a pub / bar that is an institution for the aperitif at Pratello. Great draught beers (Augustiner in particular!), Run by a group of good guys, a good option both in winter and summer (dehors) and nice customers. Open every day until 3am. From 18 onwards the pub fills almost every day!


Phone: +390510313677
Address: via del Pratello n. 44/a, Bologna
 Posizione: click here to reach Mutenye Pub

2. Bar De’ Marchi

bar de marchi Pratello Aperitif Bologna

Cafe open from the morning, cheap and with friendly customers. Very informal environment … especially recommended in the April-October period … the front dehors is very nice. Great location overlooking the Basilica of San Francesco. Vibrant during the aperitif and after dinner!

Phone: +39051235356
Address: Piazza San Francesco 4/2, Bologna
 Position: click here to reach Bar De’ Marchi

3. Barazzo

barazzo aperitivo Pratello Aperitif Bologna

Bar open from morning to late at night (3 at night) … historic bar of Pratello … you will always find “characters” ready to chat … at aperitifs from April to October pleasant dehors on via del Pratello … Which, it seems, never sleeps! Late evening fills almost Always!

Phone: +393287967313
Address: via del Pratello n. 66/b, Bologna
 Position: click here to reach Barazzo

4. Buwowsky Birroteca

birroteca bukowsky Pratello Aperitif Bologna

If you are looking for craft beers this is the right place! Both draught and bottled … small but welcoming and well frequented. The friendly innkeeper is always ready for a chat and to give you the right tips for the evening. Open late!

Phone: +393494514564
Address: via del Pratello n.81/a, Bologna
 Position: click here to reach Birroteca Bukowsky

5. Altotasso

alto tasso Pratello Aperitif Bologna

Cask wines and beers in a casual wine bar with stuffed chairs often featuring jazz music and cultural events. Another of the bars that animates the Pratello with informal and welcoming environment, open until late (about 4am), from 18 onwards it is almost always full! Definitely recommended for wine !!

Phone: +39051238003
Address: Piazza San Francesco n. 6, Bologna
 Position: click here to reach Altotasso

6. Il Punto bar

punto bar Pratello Aperitif Bologna

Lounge bar with outdoor veranda open all year round. A bit hidden, the bar is suitable for an aperitif (open from 4pm to 2am) and then go to the other Pratello bars (recommended aperitif buffet). Varied clientele, very quiet place!

Phone: +390516492895
Address: via San Rocco n. 1, Bologna
Position: click here to reach Il Punto

7. Macondo

macondo Pratello Aperitif Bologna

An aperitif and an evening bar. Now has rich aperitif buffet and is mostly frequented by university students, a quiet and pleasant environment. In the evening it fills and almost every day there are bands playing in the room at the back. Affordable prices!

Phone: +393296149658
Address: via del Pratello n.22/c, Bologna
 Position: click here to reach Macondo

8. Piazza San Francesco

piazza san francesco Pratello Aperitif Bologna

Piazza San Francesco, right in front of the Basilica’s facade, is a meeting place for young people (especially university students) to drink something outdoors from April to September. In the hot summer evenings many people sit until night. Buy a beer in the nearby grocery stores and sit down!

Address: Piazza San Francesco, Bologna
Position: click here to reach Piazza San Francesco


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