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For decades the most criticized place in Bologna, but also the most lively and full of stimuli because it represents the day and night-time of thousands of students who are the city’s lymph.

Piazza Verdi, the center of the university area, is in fact a strong contrast. Here the ladies coming out of the Teatro Comunale, the groups of students who meet here to decide how to spend the evening. You can meet street sellers, drug dealers, famed professors and all the diverse humanity that populates the university cities, mix together.

Melting pot of cultures and countercultures, Piazza Verdi is also a place of encounters and clashes during student demonstrations, protests and consents. This square has lived through all the years in which youthful impetus and creativity were channeled into the search for an ideal or a utopia.

Curiosity of Piazza Verdi


In the square there is a bit of everything. A piece of the walls of the Mille. Furthermore the Teatro Comunale. And the stables of the palace that have been turned into a university canteen, then a library and now one of the main clubs for students from dawn to late night- Palazzo Paleotti, which was occupied by students for years and is now a large and comfortable study room.

As we speak, Piazza Verdi is changing!


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