Palazzo del Podestà visit Bologna

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Opening hours: Palazzo del Podestà is home to many events and exhibitions all year round and it is only possible to visit during these events. Inside the Palazzo del Podestà you can find the tourism office of Bologna where you can find more information (open all day).

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The construction of Palazzo del Podestà in Bologna, the first seat of the city government, began in 1200.

What remains of the original centre is the Arengo tower, built on the intersection of two roads, forming the so-called “Voltone del Podestà”. Here, thanks to a particular acoustic effect, you can speak quietly from the four opposite corners of the “Vault”.

In 1453 a bell was placed on the tower, nicknamed “Campanazzo“, which since then chimes on special occasions in Bologna .

The pillars of the portico are decorated with 3000 carved rosettes, all different to one another.

This palace, rebuilt and restored several times over the years, remained, however, unfinished (the facade on the square is devoid of cornice and battlements).

Today, it is currently a prestigious venue for Bologna’s exhibitions, together with the contiguous Palazzo Re Enzo.

Curiosity of Palazzo del Podestà

The Voltone del Podestà of Bologna, which you will find in the porch below the Palace, has a particular acoustic resonance.

It’s enough to whisper something with your face to a corner for the person in the opposite corner to hear the words clearly spoken, just like a wireless phone.


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