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 Position:  click here to reach window in via Piella


You look into the window and feel like you are in Venice: the canal waters flow slowly and skim the bases of the old houses that surround it. And you are just a few steps away from via Indipendenza, in a parallel street and in the historic center of Bologna.

Located in via Piella, which might seem a street like the many others in the center, but actually hides this gem for tourists but not only. The curious window, which will impress you, overlooks the Moline Canal, in a stretch of water that the council did not cover in the first half of the twentieth century and reminds us of the fluvial origin of Bologna and of the water network that connected it to Ferrara, the river Po and the Adriatic sea.

Similar, but less suggestive sights, are also found in Via Oberdan, via Malcontenti and in via Capo di Lucca.

Curiosity of window via Piella

In the Middle Ages the canals of Bologna were very important for communications and some were navigable. In particular, the Moline canal which can be seen from the window was used to produce the energy needed to move 15 city water mills.


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